Saturday, September 18, 2021


Lafawijn Records proudly presents:

LR029: Chalice Ablaze – Beneath Abyssal Graves 8” EP (lim.40 copies)

The debut EP of the Norwegian raw Black Metal band Chalice Ablaze will now be released on vinyl. A noble 8 inch lathe cut on black vinyl, limited to 40 copies only.

Price: 18 euro

LR030: Czarnobog / Nachtvrucht – Split 8” EP (lim.50 copies)

No words needed. Germany’s most notorious raw black metal bands team up with the Dutch Finnish alliance of Nachtvrucht. A noble 8 inch lathe cut on black vinyl, limited to 50 copies.

Price: 18 euro


The price for one of these 8” EPs is 18 euro + shipping.

When you pre-order both the Czarnobog/Nachtvrucht split 8” and the Chalice Ablaze 8” EP you pay 35 euro + shipping.

You can pre-order the EPs exclusively by sending an e-mail to containing your order, name, address and how you wish to pay (Bank transfer, PayPal or with Cryptocurrency). You will receive an e-mail with payment instructions afterwards. 

The releases will ship around early-to-mid October 2021.