Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Available for pre-order now! RAVENGOD 7" EP (lim.70) + shirt

Lafawijn Records proudly presents you: RAVENGOD

Ravengod was formed in Norway by V’gandr (Helheim, Taake) as a side project of Helheim. Later in 1996 Bjarte and Hoest (Taake) joined to record their only demo. This demo features raw uncompromising old school black metal, as was only made in Norway during the 90’s by the true black metal pioneers. To date this demo was never officially released. Now this demo will be finally released as two crystal clear lathe cut 7” vinyl series with newly mastered sound and new artwork. The EPs will be limited to 70 copies only! So, don’t sleep on it and pre-order it now while it is still available.

The first 7” EP will contain two songs, Battle of wrath (3:20) and Northern grace (2:38) and will be unleashed by Lafawijn Records the 1st of February 2017. The second EP will be released a few months later. More info on the second EP will follow later. Furthermore, for the first time ever official Ravengod shirts will be available. These shirts will be limited to 50 copies combined for all sizes (S, M, L, XL). These shirts can only be bought along with the 7” EP as long as they are available.

You can pre-order the first Ravengod EP now for 13 euro. Furthermore, you can also buy the package of the EP with the Ravengod shirt for 28 euro or the two Ravengod EPs together for 25 euro. Lastly, you can also pre-order the entire Ravengod package, including the two EPs and the shirt for 40 euro. When ordering two EPs you can choose to receive the first EP (and shirt if applicable) in February and the second EP later (you pay two times shipping costs) or you can choose to receive the whole package when the second EP is released (you pay for shipping costs only once).

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION:  You can pre-order the EPs exclusively by sending an e-mail to lafawijn@gmail.com containing your order, name, address and how you wish to pay (paypal (additional paypal fee will be charged) or bank transfer). Similar to previous releases, orders will processed at regular intervals and pre-orders will be taken at a first-come-first-serve basis. However, larger orders including additional Lafawijn Records releases and items from the distro will be prioritized. Therefore, before you e-mail your order, carefully check http://lafawijn.blogspot.nl for other items you wish to purchase. Also combined shipping saves money. The Ravengod EPs are limited to one copy per order! NO trades, NO wholesale, NO discounts! Only die-hards!