7” Eps:


Agathocles (BE) / Terror Firmer (IT) – Split 7” EP 3.50 (Mince-Core)

One of the many Agathocles releases. Grind-Core!


Asgrauw (NL) / Meslamtaea (NL) – Utopia split 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)

Two great Dutch Black Metal bands combined on one 7” EP. Released by Zwaertgevegt, limited to 200 copies.

Belliciste (NZ) / Likferd (RUS) – Split 7” 15 (Black Metal)

Absolutely great split EP by this New Zealand and Russian bands. Lathe cut EP, limited to 50 black copies.

Chalize Ablaze (NOR) – Beneath Abyssal Graves 8” EP (lim.40) €18.- (Black Metal)

Debut EP by this Norwegian raw black metal band. Excellent raw black metal, think black cilice or Candelabrum. 8 inch black lathe cut limited to 40 copies.


Cryptic Wanderings (SP) / In The Shadows (SP) – Split 7” EP 5.- (Black Metal)

Two Spanish Black Metal bands united on one 7” EP. Released by Negra Nit Distro in 2015.


Dødsritual / Black Command – Split 7” EP €12.- (Black Metal)

Latest release on Lafawijn Records, two Luciferian occult black metal acts united on one EP. Black Command hailing from The Netherlands and Dødsritual from Norway. Limited to 50 hand-numbered copies only. Released on crystal clear lathe cut vinyl.


Groinchurn (ZA) / Grimness 69 – split 7” EP €5.- (Grind-Core)

Two grind-core acts splitting on a 7”, a 2001 release limited to 800 copies.


Nachtvrucht (NL) / Czarnobog (GER) – Split 8” EP (lim.50) €18.- (Black Metal)

The Dutch Finnish alliance of Nachtvrucht teams up with the German über Black Metal masters of Czarnobog to make one of the best raw black metal EPs of 2021. Limited to 50 copies.


Nachtvrucht (NL) / Tundra (IT) – Split 8” EP (lim.50) €19.- (Black Metal)

Nachtvrucht strikes again with another great split EP. This time with the long-lasting underground black metal master of Tundra. Black 8 inch lathe cut EP, limited to 50 copies.

Nihasa (GR) / The Red Angle (COL) - Vessels ov the Aetheric Void 7” EP 5.- (Black Metal)

Nihasa is a side project of Acherontas and The Red Angle is a Colombian black metal band. Occult black metal on Darker Than Black Records.

Nunslaughter (USA) – The Supreme Beast picture 7” EP 7.- (Death Metal)

The best US old school death metal there is! Absolute killer release on picture vinyl. A must have for REAL old school death metal fans.

Seges Findere (BRA) – Weaponize to Humanicide 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)

Brazilian extremist black metal! Released in 2013 limited to 250 copies.


Terdor (NLD) – No Peace For Our Time! 7” EP €5.- (Black metal)

Dutch Black metal on deluxe gatefold 7” EP, limited to 525 hand-numbered copies.


Terdor (NLD) / Gheestenland (NLD) – Split 7” EP 6.- (Black Metal)

Two Dutch Black Metal bands united on one 7” EP. Both bands present their latest output. An exclusive song from both bands. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.

Tumour (NLD) / Proctalgia (PHI) – Split 7” EP €5.- (Gore-Grind)

Dutch legendary gore-grind band splits with Philiphines super low pitches gore grind band. Also contains a misprint 7” EP, so you get two EP’s for the price of one.

Vulvus Hexenfotze (AUS) - Creedence Leonore Gielgud 8” EP 25.- (Keller Synth)

ARRGH, Keller synth madness! Another madness 8” lathe from the Wëřšlüüğ Mëthëlmëžqhül guy. Limited to 50 copies!

Zarach’Baal’Tharagh' – Demo 31 7” EP €5.- (Black Noise)

Demo 31 on 7” EP of the only true masters of black noise.




AK8 (BE) – Le Kombat Continue! LP 27.- (Black Metal)

Extremist Belgian Black Metal on ASRAR. Green vinyl, very limited.

Asenheim (DU) – Heimweh LP 17.- (Black Metal)

German Black Metal with Mavorim and Totenwache members. Limited to 300 copies.

Bannerwar (GR) - Centuries Of Heathen Might LP 27.- (Black Metal)

Greek extremist Black Metal on ASRAR.


Basarabian Hills (MOLD) - In The Stillness Of The Codrii 10” LP €25.- (Black Metal)

Perfect blend between black metal and dungeon synth. For the first time on vinyl. 10 inch lathe cut limited to 50 copies. Playing time 20 minutes.

Blessed In Sin (FR) / Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis (FR) – Split LP 10.- (Black Metal)

Split LP with two French Black Metal bands, released in 2023 on Obscure Abhorrence.

Cetus (TAIW) – Khaosmos LP 17.- (Black Metal)

Side-project of Infernal Requiem. Limited to 200 copies.

Combat (POL) – Demo compilation LP 20.- (Black Metal)

Two cult demo’s from 1998 and 2000 now released together on one LP by Darker Than Black.

Czarnobog / Ostvind – Sigils of War Split LP 25.- (Black Metal)

The time to RAW is now! Two German elitist raw black metal acts join forces on the Sigils of War LP. Czarnobog spawned in 2002 by the prolific Wehrgoat. After several demo’s, albums and a recent split with Inferno Requiem, they are now back with their first vinyl release! Ostvind is a new creation by the mysterious J. Pure German Black Metal hatred on this side. This LP is recommended for fans of Drowning The Light, Thy Dying Light and Sanguine Relic. The LP is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.


Dark Fury (POL) / Poprova (CZ) – Furor Slavica LP 20.- (Black Metal)

Extremist black metal!

Drug Darkness (US) / Murmurio (FR) – Mindfestering Shades split LP 20.- (Black Metal)

US-based weird lo-fi Black Metal versus French Garde Noire raw Black Metal. Limited to 300 copies. 

D.S .(GR) / Wodulf (GR) - Paulistarum Terra Mater Live LP 25.- (Black Metal)

Greek Extremist Black Metal. Live album from 2021.


Dúnåtters (NL) – Schimmerjaune LP 25.- (Dungeon Synth)

Raw nature inspired dungeon synth from the mastermind of NORTFALKE. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies only.

Eispalast (DU) - Schwermut / Nocturnal Desire LP 20.- (Black Metal)

Two demo’s from 1997 from the Synth-driven raw black metal band. Pretty solid release if you like ‘90s black metal.

Forbidden Tomb (IND) – The Prospector 10” LP €25.- (Black Metal)

RAW black metal from Indonesia. Their debut album, finally released on vinyl. 10 inch lathe cut record limited to 40 copies only!

Funeral Winds (NL) – 333 LP 19.- (Black Metal)

Eight album from the cult Dutch Black Metal band. On Osmose Productions. 

Gjaldur (GER) – Nachtreich LP 20.- (Black Metal)

Second full-lenght album of the Aaskereia follow-up band. Nothing but wicked vocals!

Golgatha (GER) – Klagelieder LP 19.- (Black Metal)

Debut album from this old school German Black Metal band. Limited to 300 copies.

Gontyna Kry (POL) / Zmij (POL) – Split LP 15.- (Black Metal)

Split LP between two Polish cult bands!

Grabgesang (GER) - Of Medieval Graveyard Frost / Blutrausch 2-LP 26.- (Black Metal)

Compilation of the two only demo’s of this German Black Metal band, originally released in 1995 and 1997. Now finally released on double LP. 

Grabschander (GER) - Masturbation Of The Undead LP 22.- (Black Metal)

The legendary demo from 2001, of this German Black Metal band, now finally released on LP. Limited to 300 copies.

Grausamkeit (DU) – Der Alles Vernichtende Blitz LP 16.- (Black Metal)

Ultimate raw black metal attack. Premium B.S.o.D. release.

Helheim (NO) – Demo 1993 LP 19.- (Black Metal)

Legendary first demo finally released on vinyl. Limited to 150 copies only!

Iku-Turso (NL) – Into Dawnless Realms LP 18.- (Black Metal)

Third full length album on black vinyl, limited to 300 copies.


Iku-Turso (NL) – Into Dawnless Realms LP 20.- (Black Metal)

Third full length album on milky clear with turquise marble and black splatter vinyl, limited to 200 copies.

Iku-Turso (NLD) – Ikuinen Kirous LP 18.- (Black Metal)

Black LP version of the 2023 EP, with a running time of 37 minutes. Contains a Darkthrone and Isengard cover. Limited to 200 copies.

Kjeld (NL) – Ôfstân 2-LP 23.- (Black Metal)

Latest Kjeld LP on Heidens Hart Records. Superb album!

Lymphatic Phlegm (BRA) / Flesh Grinder (BRA) – Split LP €19.-  (Gore-Grind)

Legendary split album between two cult Gore-Grind band. Originally released in 1999. Now re-released on yellow vinyl, limited to 100 copies.

Nebelburg (GER) – Verdammnis LP 20.- (Black Metal)

The only demo from this German Black Metal band, originally released in 1994, now released on LP. 

Nihil Invocation (US) / Drug Darkness (US) – Split LP 20.- (Black Metal)

Two US-based raw black metal bands. Raw and weird stuff! On Narbentage Productions.

Nortfalke (NL) – Schijnsel 10” LP 22.- (Dungeon Synth)

Latest EP from this Dutch cult Dungeon Synth master! Limited to 80 copies only!

Obscvrdrvgness (US) - Demo I / A Tide Of Drug Magick LP 20.- (Black Metal)

Compilation of two demo’s of this weird, raw black metal/dungeon synth project.

Orewoet (NL) – Afrodisiacum Der Vroomheid LP 15.- (Black Metal)

Dutch Black metal in the vain of Horna, SatWarm, Sargeist.

Salacious Gods (NL) – Oalevluuk LP €20.- (Black Metal)

The return of the Gods from Drenthe! 17 years after Piene they are back with a new album!


Sammath (NL) – Dodengang LP 16.- (Black Metal)

The third album of this furious Dutch Black Metal band finally on vinyl! Zwaertgevegt 2021.


Sammath (NL) – Verwoesting Devastation LP 16.- (Black Metal)

The second album of this furious Dutch Black Metal band finally on vinyl! Zwaertgevegt 2021.


Spoil Engine (BE) – Stormsleeper LP 10.- (Metal-Core)

Latest album of this Belgian Metal-Core / Death Metal band.

Szivilizs ‎(SWI) – Grabsuchtslieder LP 20.- (Black Metal)

First full length album of this Swiss Black Metal band. 


Tax The Heat (UK) – Fed To The Lions LP 10.- (Hard-Rock)

Generic hard-rock album.


Terdor (NLD) – Levi II LP €12.- (Black metal)

Third album of the Dutch Black metal band Terdor, on vinyl. Limited to 474 copies.


Terdor (NLD) – De Goddeloze Tolgaarder €15.- (Black metal)

Fourth album of the Dutch Black metal band Terdor, on vinyl. Vinyl exclusive release, limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.


The Being (NLD) – Through Madness to Mercury LP 9.- (Ambient)

Ritual ambient and instrumental music with Black Metal roots. Limited to 250 copies on brown vinyl.

The Golden Toad (GER) - A Monument To The Great Light Toad LP 20.- (Keller Synth)

B.S.o.D. project, pure dungeon synth and keller synth madness! Limited to 300 copies.

Toadlickers – Hangover Songs LP 25.- (Dungeon Synth)

Beer-soaked comfy synth songs on beer coloured LP, limited to 100 copies on JEMS.

Visceral Disgorge (USA) – Ingesting Putridity LP 1st press 30.- (Death Metal)

Ultra-brutal US death-grind/slam band. This is the original 2014 1st press on Amputated Vein Records, impossible to find!


Wampyric Rites (EC) – Reflections Of A Frostbitten Moon LP 27.- (Black Metal)

Ecuadorian Raw Black Metal on Inferna Profunus 2021. 

Wings Of Evil (GER) – On The Wings Of All Evil LP 20.- (Black Metal)

Compilation of all demo’s, originally released in 2000 by this B.S.o.D. project. Limited to 300 copies. 

Wojnar (PL) - When The Spirit Of War Will Rise Above Me LP 14.- (Dungeon Synth)

Legendary ambient/dungeon synth album finally released on LP by Heidens Hart. Limited to 200 copies.