Acherontic Arts Festival II 2-DVD 15.- (Black Metal)
Double DVD with live songs of bands playing at the Acherontic Arts Festival, such as Almyrkvi, Wederganger, Urfaust, The Ruins of Beverast and King Dude.

A Lower Deep (USA) – Trinity CD €5.- (Thrash metal)
Second hand album of this US Thrash metal band.

Anatomy (AUS) – Where Angels Die CD €8.- (Black metal)
Second hand CD of this Australian Black metal band.

Asgard (CZ) – Kletba Krale Stacha CD €8.- (Black metal)
First album from 2003 on CD, released by Lava Productions.

Aversions Crown (AUS) – Tyrant digi-CD 8.- (Death-Core)
Aussie tech-death-core. 

Blackguard (CAN) – Profugus Morcis CD €10.- (Death metal)
First studio album of the Canadian Folk/Death metal band Blackguard from Canada, released in 2009 by Nuclear Blast.

Bright Ophidia (POL) – Coma CD €5.- (Metal)
Polish Progressive metal band, second hand CD.

Degesch (GER) – s/t CD 12.- (Black Metal)

German Extremist Black Metal. Debut album from 2017 on Darker Than Black Records.

Devilment (UK) – The Great and Secret Show CD 10.- (Black Metal)
Side project of Cradle of Filth’s Dani Filth. Pretty good debut album on Nuclear Blast.

Dimmu Borgir (NOR) – For All Tid CD €10.- (Black Metal)
Classic Dimmu Borgir album from 1995, re-released with two bonus songs by Nuclear Blast.

Dusken (GER) – Pyrimanes CD €10.- (Black metal)
German Black metal, released as digipack by W.T.C. Records in 2008.

Encircling Wolves (UK) - The Trial Of Traitors CD 12.- (Black Metal)

UK-based extremist black metal. This is their debut album from 2018, released by Darker Than Black Records.

Enforsaken (USA) – Embraced By Misery CD €10.- (Death metal)
American Death metal band, re-released in 2005 by Cartel Media.

Fermento (SP) - Recipe For Cremation CD 10.- (Death metal)
Best and latest album of this Spanish brutal death metal band. Released in 2009 by Die Todesrune Records.

Feldgrau (USA) – Mechanized Misanthropy CD €10.- (Black metal)
Only full length album by this American Black metal outfit, released by Agonia Records.

Graveworm (ITA) – Fragments of Death CD €10.- (Black Metal)
Melodic Black metal from Italy, released by Nuclear Blast as digi-pack.

Hécatombe Humaine – s/t MP3 DVD 10.- (Ambient/Black metal)
International project consisting of more than 25 members making ambient, drone, industrial noise and pure black metal. Everything the band ever made, 50 songs, on one MP3 DVD. Limited to 100 copies.

Iku-Turso (NLD) – Into Dawnless Realms CD 10.- (Black Metal)

Third full length album of this Dutch/Finnish Black Metal Alliance. Jewel Case CD version.

Iku-Turso (NLD) – Into Dawnless Realms A5 digi-CD €12.- (Black Metal)

Third full length album of this Dutch/Finnish Black Metal Alliance. A5 digipack CD version.

Iku-Turso (NLD) – Ikuinen Kirous CD 10.- (Black Metal)

CD version of the 2023 EP, with a running time of 37 minutes. Contains a Darkthrone and Isengard cover.

Inferno (CZ) - Nikdy Nepokřtěni CD 10.- (Black Metal)
Great old school black metal, released in 2006 by Die Todesrune Records.

Infestis (NL) - Requiem For The Age Of God 8.- (Black Metal)
Dutch Black metal from Nargaroth (live) and Asagraum member.

Intestinal Disgorge (US) – Sociopath CD 8.- (Gore-Grind)
Intense sick US gore-grind. Killer band!

Kalmankantaja (FIN) / Iku-Turso (NLD) – Ikuinen Tuli digi-CD 10.- (Black Metal)
Split album between Finlands most prolific Black Metal band Kalmantankaja and Finnish/Dutch old school black metal band Iku-Turso. Release by Wolfspell 2018 as noble digi-pack containing a 16-page booklet.

Kristendom (FR) – From Within CD 8.- (Death Metal)

Second full length album, released in 2000 by Osmose Productions.

Kyu (NLD) – Sttnnrmlllfckdp CD €10.- (Metal)
Dutch Groove Metal band, their only release. Released in 2006 on Bukkake Records.

Lamb Of God (US) – Lamb of God CD 8.- (Metal)

Latest album of this US Metal-core band.

Lancer (SWE) – Mastery digi-CD 10.- (Power Metal)
Swedish power metal.

Lebposiaka (PL) – Wielkie Otwarcie Parasola W Dupie + Demo CD 8.- (Gore-Grind)
Polish Gore-grind on Left Hand Patches Records.

Lycosia (FRA) – Lycosia digi-CD 8.- (Gothic)
French gothic metal in digi-pack, 2014 re-release.

Meat Shits (US) – Ecstasy of Death CD 10.- (Grind-Core)
Legendary album from this radical and extreme grind-core band! Rotten Roll Rex version.

Menstruating Cunt (NLD) – I Love Bleeding Bitches CD-R €4.- (Gore-Grind)
Dutch Cyber-Gore band, Re-release from 2015 on Viscera Productions. Limited to 45 copies!

Menstruating Cunt (NLD) – I Love Bleeding Bitches part II CD-R €4.- (Gore-Grind)
Dutch Cyber-Gore band, 2015 CD-R release on Lad Of Fog Records, limited to 69 copies.

Mixomatosis (SP) / Piel De Cadaver – Covered In Bowels Split CD 5.50 (Grind-Core)
Old-School Spanish Grindcore! 

Mordaehoth (NLD) / Altar Of Perversion – Tributo A Der Blutharsch CD 10.- (Black Metal)
Split album between two great bands released on CD limited to 999 copies.

Mor Dagor (GER) – Redeemer digipack CD 9.- (Black Metal)

Fifth album from this German Black Metal band. 

Nailgun Massacre (NL) - Boned, Boxed And Buried CD 8.- (Death Metal)

Second album, released in 2015, from this Dutch Death Metal Maniacs. 

Nargaroth (GER) – Rasluka CD 10.- (Black Metal)

Compilation of both of the Rasluka mini-albums. 

Nessuna Resa (IT) - Le Stagioni Della Vita CD 12.- (RAC)

Italian extremist RAC on Black Shirts Records.

Notre Dame (FR) – Demi Monde Bizarros digi-CD 8.- (Black Metal)

Avantgarde Black Metal.

Operation Winter Mist (CAN) – Imperial Grand Strategy CD 10.- (Black Metal)
Canadian war themed black metal. CD by Die Todesrune Records. 

Orewoet (NL) – Afrodisiacum Der Vroomheid CD 10.- (Black Metal)
Debut CD of this Dutch occult Black Metal outfit. 

Ouija (SP) – Selenophile Impia CD €5.- (Black Metal)

Mini CD from this Spanish Black Metal band. Negra Nit 2021.

Pentacrostic (BRA) – The Pain Years 1989 – 2010 CD €8.- (Death Metal)
Brazilian Death Metal, compilation of rare songs released in 2011 on Murder Records. 

Raism (GR/FIN) – The Very Best Of Pain digi-CD 8.- (Metal)

Necromantia/Thou Shalt Suffer guy and Impaled Nazarene vocalist team up to make industrial metal. Osmose Productions 1996.

Ravage Machinery (FIN) - Subordinates Of The Mechanism CD 10.- (Death Thrash)
Finnish ultra-death thrash!

Rectal Smegma (NL) / Pussy Torpedo (NL) / Sixpounder Teratoma (RUS) – 69% of Porngrind CD 10.- (Cyber-Gore)
Three way split with these ultra-brutal gore bands. Get this gabber cyber porn gore slam experience now!

Rehashed (CAN) – Code Black CD €8.- (Thrash Core)
Canadian Thrash Core album from 2011, Power-it-up records.

Salacious Gods (NL) – Oalevluuk digi-CD 12.- (Black Metal)

The return of the Gods from Drenthe! 17 years after Piene they are back with a new album!

Samael (SWI) – Above CD €10.- (Metal)
9th studio album of this once legendary black metal band on Nuclear Blast.

Satanic Warmaster (FIN) - …Of The Night CD 9.- (Black Metal)

Mini-album by these Finnish masters.

Shadows Land (POL) -  Ante Christum (Natum) 8.- (Black Metal)

Polish Black Metal on double CD. Osmose Productions.

S.M.E.S. / Teen Pussy Fuckers - Analversary Rhymes CD 10.- (Cyber-Gore)
Ultra-brutal party cyber gore to the max! Dutch versus Mexican bastards!

Spasm (CZ) – Paraphilic Elegies CD €8.- (Gore-Grind)
Second album of this great gore grind band!

Splattered Mermaids (SWE) – Stench of Flesh CD €8.- (Gore-Grind)
Gore grind from Sweden.

S.R.O.M / HIV – Split CD 8.- (Grind-Core)

Old School Polish grind-core! Split CD on Left Hand Patches 2022.

Stalaggh (NLD) - :Projekt Terror: CD €10.- (Noise/Black metal)
Noise, Ambient, Black Metal from The Netherlands, released as hand-numbered digi-pack CD by Rigor Mortis.

Suppression (USA) – Oblivion Rats CD 8.- (Grind-Core)

Compilation CD from the US grind-core and noise-grind act.

Temple Ov Decibel (NLD) - A Room Without A View digipack CD-R 8.- (Ambient/Noise)
Dutch industrial ambient noise in luxe digipack CD-R with 16 page booklet.

Terdor (NLD) – Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942 CD €10.- (Black metal)
First full length album of the Dutch Black metal band Terdor, limited to 500 copies.

Terdor (NLD) – Levi I CD €10.- (Black metal)
Second full length album by the Dutch Black metal band Terdor, limited to 1000 copies.

Terdor (NLD) – Levi I digi-CD €12.- (Black metal)
Digi-pack version of the second full length album of the Dutch Black metal band Terdor, limited to 250 copies.

Terdor (NLD) – Levi II CD €10.- (Black metal)
Third full length album of the Dutch Black metal band Terdor, limited to 1000 copies.

Terdor (NLD) / Czarnobog (GER) – MMXXII Occulta split CD 9.- (Black Metal)

Three brand new Terdor songs and the final songs of the raw black metal entity Czarnobog. Limited to 300 copies.

Theosis (GR) – Ierotelestia CD 8.- (Black metal)

Greek Black metal. Limited to 120 copies.

Through The Eyes Of Carrion (US) – The Passing CD 8.- (Black Metal)
US Black metal.

Thrym (SWE) – s/t digi-CD 8.- (Black metal)
Self-titled debut EP, from this one-man Swedish Black/Folk metal project. Released on digi-pack CD by Heritage Recordings in 2014.

V.A. – Uit De Nederlandse Nevelen digi-CD 10.- (Black metal)
Naagauk, Verdorven and Genocida on one CD. Together more than 45 minutes of pure black metal. Limited to 150 hand-written copies.

Valkyria (SP) – Tierra Hostil CD 8.- (Power Metal)

Second album of this Spanish Power Metal band.

Vehementer Nos – s/t CD 10.- (Black metal)
French Black metal released in 2007 by Osmose Productions.

Winterblut - Das Aas Aller Dinge CD 11.- (Black metal)

German Black Metal housed is a great looking black slip-case.

Witchmaster - Antichristus Ex Utero CD 10.- (Black metal)
Polish Black Thrash metal.