Tuesday, April 27, 2021



Lafawijn Records proudly presents:

LR027: Basarabian Hills – In The Stillness Of The Codrii 10” LP (lim.50 copies)

This 10” LP contains two lengthy songs of the Moldovian atmospheric ambient black metal project Basarabian Hills. Absolutely stunning material relevant for both Black Metal as well as Dungeon Synth fans. These songs were taken from the 2013 album with the same title. This 10” will be released as a lathe cut LP limited to 50 copies.

LR028: Forbidden Tomb – The Prospector 10” LP (lim.40 copies)

In its 2 years of existence the Indonesian raw Black Metal outfit Forbidden Tomb has already releases several albums, demo’s and splits. After getting quite some attention from the raw black metal scene, the time is just right to also release their debut album on vinyl. Expect nothing more than pure raw black metal madness. This 10” lathe cut LP is limited to 40 copies only!

ORDERING INFORMATION:  The price of the 10” LPs is 25 euro each + shipping. You can order the LP exclusively by sending an e-mail to lafawijn@gmail.com containing your order, name, address and how you wish to pay (Bank transfer, PayPal or with Cryptocurrency). You will receive an e-mail with payment instructions afterwards. 

PS: This are pre-orders, the Basarabian Hills, Forbidden Tomb and Uruk-Hai LPs are expected to ship in early June 2021.