Thursday, October 22, 2020


Lafawijn Records proudly presents:

LR024: Czarnobog / Ostvind – Sigils of War Split LP (lim.100 copies)

The time to RAW is now! Two German elitist raw black metal acts join forces on the Sigils of War LP. Czarnobog spawned in 2002 by the prolific Wehrgoat. After several demo’s, albums and a recent split with Inferno Requiem, they are now back with their first vinyl release! Ostvind is a new creation by the mysterious J. Pure German Black Metal hatred on this side. Ostvind takes you back to the turn of the century with their spiteful Germanic tunes. This LP is recommended for fans of Drowning The Light, Thy Dying Light and Sanguine Relic. The LP is limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.

LR025: Dunåtters – Schimmerjaune LP (lim.100 copies)

This is the debut album by the raw, nature-inspired dungeon synth band Dunåtters, a side project of Nortfalke. No ‘my first Casio’ synth on this one, just pure, thought-out and majestic dungeon synth of the highest quality. Such a great debut can only be unleashed onto the world in the noblest of ways, as a 12” vinyl album. This LP is limited to 100 copies!


The price for one of these LPs is 25 euro + shipping.

When you pre-order both the Czarnobog/Ostvind split LP and the Dunåtters LP you only pay 44 euro + shipping.

When you pre-order the Czarnobog/Ostvind split LP and the Dunåtters LP in combination with the Helheim demo 1993 LP you only pay 60 euro + shipping.

These discounts are only valid for pre-orders. The LPs are expected to ship around February 2021!

You can pre-order the LPs exclusively by sending an e-mail to containing your order, name, address and how you wish to pay (Bank transfer, PayPal or with Cryptocurrency). You will receive an e-mail with payment instructions afterwards. Before you e-mail your order, carefully check for other items you wish to purchase. Larger orders with combined shipping saves money.