Agonized (POR) – Victims of his own Fear tape €4.- (Death Metal)
2002 demo from this Portuguese Old School Death Metal band.

Aguynguerran (BE) – Christreign Annihilation tape €7.- (Black Metal)
Belgian Black Metal.

Ames Sanlantes (CAN) – Violation tape 6.- (Noise)
Canadian noise act. Tape released by Smell The Stench Records in 2001.

Ancestors Blood (FIN) – Forgotten Times tape €4.50 (Black Metal)
Fourth demo from this Finnish Black Metal band.

Angel’s Decay (SLO) – Victims Of Belief tape €3.50 (Death Metal)
First demo from this old-school / brutal death metal band.

Astrofaes (UKR) – The Attraction: Heavens And Earth tape €4.- (Black Metal)
First album of this Ukrainian Black Metal band.

Augen (DU) – Das Fieber der Nacht tape 4.50 (Ambient)
Great dark ambient. Only release from this project. Released on tape by The Funeral Agency in 2006.

Aurore Funeste (FR) – Infame Abjection Humaine tape 6.- (Black Metal)
Only tape from this French Black Metal band. Limited to 80 hand-numbered copies. Released in 2007 by Daemonokratia Productions.

Avendesora – s/t tape €10.- (Ambient)
Very rare tape from a very obscure ambient band. Recommended! Limited to 66 copies.

Baalberith (AUS) – Darkest Come… The Empire Shall Ride tape €35.- (Black Metal)
First demo from 1995, rare tape!

Black Mold Phallanx / Lacerated Tissue – Pustules of the putrifact split tape €7.- (Gore-Grind)
Very hard to find Gore Grind album on Mental Abuse Records, limited to 40 copies.

Bloodraised (ITA) / Gore Crusade – split tape €5.- (Grind-Core)
Death Metal / Grind-Core tape.

Brumalis (USA) – Ancestral Spirits return to their thrones….embraced by the cold €3.50 tape (Black Metal)
US Black Metal, compilation tape.

Chicks Dig Noise / Filthy Turd – split tape 15.- (Noise)
Harsh noise from two obscure acts. Impossible to find tape. Limited to 30 hand-numbered copies.

Cthulhu Biomechanical (RUS) – Es ist Kalt Hier tape €4.- (Noise)
Industrial noise / dark ambient from BlackDeath members.

Darkthule (GRE) – Beyond The Endless Horizons tape €5.- (Black Metal)
Greek Black metal! First full-length album.

Darkthule (GRE) – Summon Thee To Awake The Ancient Past tape €6.- (Black Metal)
Compilation of the first two demos, rare tape.

Death Squadron (SP) – Rememberance of Past Atrocities… tape €4.- (Black Metal)
Death / Black Metal from Spain.

Delirous (NLD) – Transplantation Of Souls tape €8.- (Death Metal)
Dutch old-school death metal, demo release from 1989!!!

Draugluin (GR) – Wyrm of Utumno tape €3.50 (Black Metal)
Greek Black Metal. Limited to 150 handwritten copies on Underground Propaganda Records.

Empire Of Hate (AUS) / Morthond (USA) – Split tape €3.50 (Black Metal)
Two bands metal bands together on one tape, Heidens Hart release.

Exetheris (GRE) – Sick & Decadent Feelings tape €4.- (Black Metal)
Excellent Greek Black Metal.  

Expiration (SP) - …Future? Tape €4.- (Death Metal)
Spanish Death Metal.

Flammentod (GER) – Im Kampf Um Deutschland tape €5.- (Black Metal)
Demo from 2006 from this German Black Metal band.

Fuck The Facts (CAN) / Ultrapodre – She’s Hot! tape €4.- (Grind-Core)
Superb Grind-Core! Recommended! Limited to 500 hand-written copies.

Grotesque Embalment (IRE) – Chronic Decomposition tape €7.- (Death Metal)
Brutal Death Metal / Gore-Grind from Ireland, very rare tape!!!

Geimhre (CAN) – Mollachd tape €5.- (Black Metal)
Excellent Black Metal from Canada.

Gelsomina (FIN) – Nostalghia tape €7.- (Noise)
Rare tape from this Finnish noise / power electronics tape.

Genozid (SP) – Reigns Of Black Metal tape €4.- (Black Metal)
Spanish Black Metal on Blood & Soil Productions.

Hruodolf (GER) – Naturklang I tape €4.- (Ambient)
Very Good ambient.

Iku-Turso (FIN/NL) – Storm Over Isengard tape 5.- (Black Metal)

Latest release of Iku-Turso, a tribute to the bands Storm and Isengard. Pro-tape, limited to 100 copies.

Ill-Sanity (GER) – Last Sundown / Live in the Dungeon tape €7.50 (Death Metal)
Very Good Old-School Melodic German Black Metal, limited to 50 copies, recommended!

Imperial Tyrants (SING) – Tyrannikal Inquisition tape €3.50 (Black Metal)
Asian Black Metal.

Impious Havoc (FIN) – The Great Day of Wrath tape €3.50 (Black Metal)
First album of this Finnish Black Metal band.

Incinerator (SWE) / Vacarme (FR) / Lethal (SWE) / Re-Creation (USA) – The Cocoon of Asphyx tape €3.50 (Death Metal)
4-way split tape with four old school death metal bands. Handnumbered.

Intolerance (CAN) – Hail the Triumvirate! Tape 5.- (Black Metal)

Debut demo from this Canadian black metal band. Released on sealed pro-tape, limited to 300 copies.

Intumescence (NLD) / Malignant Tumour (CZ) – Live in Oscherieben 22-08-2002 tape €10.- (Death Metal)
Ultra-rare live tape of two cult death metal acts!

Istidraj (SING) – Blasphemous Ritual tape €3.50 (Black Metal)
Black Metal from Asia.

Kalt (GER) – Done The Cold Industrial Way tape €7.- (Noise)
German Industrial Noise / Raw Black Metal, limited to 23 hand-numbered copies only.

Komiklopper (DU) – Komiklopper tape 10.- (RAC)
Only release from this great RAC/OI band. Hard to find!

Krypteia (GRE) – Hellenic Martial Virtue tape €4.- (Black Metal)
Greek Black Metal in the vein of Stutthof.

Lug Rexer (BE) – Ancient Pride tape €4.- (Black Metal)
Belgian folk/black metal, limited to 300 copies.

Malignant Tumour / Blood – split tape live €3.- (Death Metal)
Legendary tape split tape on dubbed tape with photocopied cover.

Mare Frigoris (US) – The Odyssey tape €4.- (Black Metal)
US Black Metal.

Menneskerhat (GER) – Der Weg Zum Galgen tape €4.50 (Black Metal)
Raw Black metal in the vein of Absurd.

Moloch (UKR) – Taurer tape €4.50 (Black Metal)
Third full-length album of this very productive black metal band, limited to 100 copies.

Monologue (RUS) – Expression 1 and Expression 2 tape €5.- (Noise)
Russian Noise, limited to 44 copies.

Monologue (RUS) – Expression 5 tape €8.- (Noise)
Russian Noise, limited to 44 copies.

Mystes (PL) – Pure Evil tape €4.- (Black Metal)
First demo from this Polish Black Metal outfit.

Nachtvrucht (NL/FIN/USA) – s/t tape 4.- (Black Metal)

International ritualistic avantgarde black metal. Great looking release by Zwaertgevegt Records, comes in slipcase. Limited to 100 copies. 

Nae’Blis (SWE) – Death of Mankind tape €22.- (Black Metal)
Extremely rare tape, limited to 50 copies.

Namter (IT) / Gaszimmer (IT) – Paritur Pax Bello split tape €4.- (Black Metal)
Two times Italian extremist Black Metal on tape.

Narrowmind / Sudanstrain – split tape €5.- (Noise)
Two Noise bands on one tape, limited to 197 copies.

Nord (CAN) – Sombre jour / Les Saisons Froides tape €5.- (Black Metal)
Compilation album, released in 2006.

Nordreich (GER) – Promo 2006 tape €4.- (Black Metal)
German Black Metal.

Perditor (NLD) – Perdition tape €5.- (Black Metal)
Excellent Dutch Black Metal on Sombre March Records.

Perisynti (FIN) - Hiilenmusta Lammas tape €4.- (Black Metal)
Excellent Finnish Black Metal.

Pleurisy (NLD) – Degenerated to a Human Life tape €10.- (Death Metal)
Obscure first demo of this Dutch cult Melodic Death Metal band from 1995.

Praying of the Dying (MLT) – s/t tape €4.- (Black Metal)
Black / Death Metal from Malta.

Rectal Cumshot (GRE) / Devoured By Vermin / Dermatofibrosarcoma / Uuflakke – Consumed in 4 Ways tape €5.- (Gore-Grind)
Four Gore-Grind bands on one tape, limited to 150 copies.

Repugnance (SPA) – Maximum Perversum €4.- tape (Death Metal)
Spanish Death Metal.

Rites of Cleansing (GER) – Nemesis promo 2004 €3.50 tape (Black Metal)
German Black Metal!

Sarcoma Fermentation – Dysfunction of Tumours tape €4.- (Gore-Grind)
Obscure Gore-Grind band.

Sathanas (USA) – Flesh For The Devil €4.- tape (Death Metal)
Limited to 300 handwritten copies.

Seges Findere (BRA) – Death to Peace is Our Gospel €4.- tape (Black Metal)
Radical Brasilian Black Metal on A.M.F. Productions.

Stench Of Necropsy (MLT) – Accepting The Horrible tape €6.- (Death Metal)
First demo of this Death Metal band from Malta, released in 2001.

Terdor (NLD) – Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942 tape €5.- (Black Metal)

Last copies of this cult tape version released in 2008 by Krieg Productions.

The Wizard of Doom (SWE) – His Eternal Rage of Inner Nature tape €5.- (Doom Metal)
Swedish Doom Metal band.

Uno Actu (CAN) – Inexitence tape €4.- (Black Metal)
Dark Ambient project from Akitsa guy.

Volkolak (RUS) – Hail to the God of the Sun tape €6.- (Folk Metal)
Superb Folk / Black Metal, recommended!

Wolfthorn (GER) – Spiritual Supremacy tape €5.- (Black Metal)
First full length album of the German Black Metal band on tape.

Wolfthorn (GER) – Cold Inside tape €5.- (Black Metal)
Second full-length album of this German Black Metal band, on tape limited to 300 copies.