Saturday, August 3, 2019

Lafawijn Records proudly presents you:

Nortfalke – Troch Dieze Omfaundere 7” EP (lim.50 copies)
The Dutch dungeon synth masters Nortfalke will unleash a 7” EP containing three new tracks. The last few years Nortfalke has produced some of the best and most authentic dungeon synth available, combining the old tunes of Mortiis with the new dungeon sounds of Old Tower. Nortfalke has shared the stage with both of them last year. No computers were used for these recordings, as always. This EP is limited to 50 hand-numbered 7” EPs, on high quality thick black lathe-cut vinyl.

ORDERING INFORMATION:  The price of the EP is 11 euro + shipping. You can order the EP exclusively by sending an e-mail to containing your order, name, address and how you wish to pay (Bank transfer, PayPal or with Cryptocurrency. You will receive an e-mail with payment instructions afterwards. 

NO trades! NO wholesale! NO discounts!

Friday, May 31, 2019

Lafawijn Records proudly presents you: Helheim – Demo 1993 12” LP

In the early ‘90s of the previous century a band was born in the Black Metal hotspot Bergen, Norway, which haunted the Black Metal scene for many years with stunning albums. But the story of this now well-known Black Metal band started with an obscure demo recording in 1993. Only a handful of tapes were produced at the time and although it is a genre milestone with very good raw black metal songs and surprisingly good sound quality, it has never gotten a proper release. Until now that is, 26 years after its creation it will now finally be released on vinyl. The sound was re-mastered for this release and the artwork has been created in the vein of the original release. This LP will be limited to 150 hand-numbered copies, and will not get any re-presses or die-hard versions.

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION:  The price of the LP is 19 euro + shipping and shipping is expected to start in July 2019. You can pre-order the LP exclusively by sending an e-mail to containing your order, name, address and how you wish to pay (Bank transfer, PayPal or with Cryptocurrency (many crypto’s accepted). In due time you will receive an e-mail with payment instructions. Before you e-mail your order, carefully check for other items you wish to purchase. Furthermore, combined shipping saves money.

NO trades! NO wholesale! NO discounts!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

LR018 – Musicophobia, Göll & Hell Icon – Black Noise II LP (lim.30)
The second and final part of the Black Noise series contains unique material of three Dutch Black Noise projects. Side A contains the Intense Torture demo of Musicophobia recorded in 2007, until now only released on floppy disk. Additionally, two bonus tracks (from 2016 and 2018 respectively) are added. Musicophobia delivers pure hatred in the form of inaudible noise. These are the noisiest songs of Musicophobia to date, manifested by the means of pure musical incapability. Side B contains the pseudo-legendary debut demo of the ultimate underground act Göll. Originally released in 2002 on 50 tapes. This will be your only change to get this material on vinyl. Side B ends with two tracks from the Dutch early Abruptum worship band Hell Icon. Probably, the best Dutch Black Noise act. This LP is not for the weak, only for pure black noise addicts!
Black Noise II will be released on a 12” lathe cut LP on black wax, limited to 30 copies. One LP per customer, NO trades, NO whole-sale, NO pre-order, NO reservations.
The costs are 25 euro.

Please order by sending an e-mail to facebook messenger orders may get lost.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Dødsritual / Black Command – Split 7” EP (lim. 50 copies)

Lafawijn Records proudly presents:

Dødsritual / Black Command – Split 7” EP (lim. 50 copies)

An unholy alliance between the Luciferian and anti-cosmic forces of Dødsritual and Black Command, united for eternity on a crystal clear lathe-cut piece of vinyl. Hailing from the cold and mystic Norway is Dødsritual, an act that started out in 1993 as Ravner, only to bring two great albums under the moniker of Hat, and now renamed to Dødsritual, after releasing their first full-length earlier this year, this unholy duo brings you “Sons of Disobedience”. A ritualistic occult piece of art that can easily match up with the masters of the genre like Acherontas or Nightbringer. The past years The Netherlands is the breeding nest of qualitative and innovative black metal. Black Command being amongst the most promising new comers in the scene. Their Luciferian black masses have just started emerge from the underground. On this release they present “Temple Nightside Revelation” one of their best songs so far. This split 7” EP is limited to 50 hand-numbered copies only! Never to be made again. If you want to own this piece of black metal magic than you better order it fast. Pre-orders can be send to , to save on shipping costs check for additional items to order.  Price is 12 euro plus shipping. This EP will be unleashed the 1st of July!

Check out their music here:


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Terdor / Gheestenland - split 7" EP OUT NOW!!!!

Lafawijn Records proudly presents:

Terdor / Gheestenland – split 7” EP (lim.300)

Two Dutch Black Metal bands united on one 7” EP. Almost ten years ago, in 2008, the paths of Terdor and Gheestenland first crossed when they released a split tape. Now in 2017 they join forces ones again on this limited 7” EP. Both bands are well known in the underground black metal scene as they are both active for more than 10 years. Terdor brings you one new and exclusive song called “Woekerweefsel”. Here, Terdor combines traditional second wave Black Metal with their own unique avant-garde sound. Gheestenland also brings one new and exclusive song called “Helhond”. A cold and aggressive song with that typical Gheestenland sound. This EP is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies only, and is released as co-release together with our long-time comrades of Negra Nit Distro (Spain).

Now available for 6 euro.

Check the Terdor song Woekerweefsel here: Terdor Woekerweefsel

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Uit De Nederlandse Nevelen digi-CD (lim,150) Availabble for pre-order NOW!

Lafawijn Records proudly presents:

‘Uit De Nederlandse Nevelen’ digi-CD (lim.150)

Three of the best Dutch underground black metal bands joined forces on one CD. Naagauk, Verdorven and Genocida together bring you more than 45 minutes of pure Black Metal hatred. All three bands have recently released outstanding material on tape. But now they present their black art for the first time on a noble digipack CD. This digipack CD is limited to 150 handwritten copies. You can pre-order this digi-CD now for only 10 euro by sending your order to

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Available for pre-order now! RAVENGOD 7" EP (lim.70) + shirt

Lafawijn Records proudly presents you: RAVENGOD

Ravengod was formed in Norway by V’gandr (Helheim, Taake) as a side project of Helheim. Later in 1996 Bjarte and Hoest (Taake) joined to record their only demo. This demo features raw uncompromising old school black metal, as was only made in Norway during the 90’s by the true black metal pioneers. To date this demo was never officially released. Now this demo will be finally released as two crystal clear lathe cut 7” vinyl series with newly mastered sound and new artwork. The EPs will be limited to 70 copies only! So, don’t sleep on it and pre-order it now while it is still available.

The first 7” EP will contain two songs, Battle of wrath (3:20) and Northern grace (2:38) and will be unleashed by Lafawijn Records the 1st of February 2017. The second EP will be released a few months later. More info on the second EP will follow later. Furthermore, for the first time ever official Ravengod shirts will be available. These shirts will be limited to 50 copies combined for all sizes (S, M, L, XL). These shirts can only be bought along with the 7” EP as long as they are available.

You can pre-order the first Ravengod EP now for 13 euro. Furthermore, you can also buy the package of the EP with the Ravengod shirt for 28 euro or the two Ravengod EPs together for 25 euro. Lastly, you can also pre-order the entire Ravengod package, including the two EPs and the shirt for 40 euro. When ordering two EPs you can choose to receive the first EP (and shirt if applicable) in February and the second EP later (you pay two times shipping costs) or you can choose to receive the whole package when the second EP is released (you pay for shipping costs only once).

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION:  You can pre-order the EPs exclusively by sending an e-mail to containing your order, name, address and how you wish to pay (paypal (additional paypal fee will be charged) or bank transfer). Similar to previous releases, orders will processed at regular intervals and pre-orders will be taken at a first-come-first-serve basis. However, larger orders including additional Lafawijn Records releases and items from the distro will be prioritized. Therefore, before you e-mail your order, carefully check for other items you wish to purchase. Also combined shipping saves money. The Ravengod EPs are limited to one copy per order! NO trades, NO wholesale, NO discounts! Only die-hards!